We've helped hundreds of California residents with misdemeanor and felony charges across the state including sex crimes, DUI / DWI defense, violent crimes, and more... Our team can help, and your first call is always free.

Our Legal Team Focuses on Criminal Defense in the Los Angeles Area


Our local roots truly run deep with an over 50 years of combined experience practicing criminal law in the state of California, our team is dedicated to the LA area and its residents. We have successfully helped defend hundreds of clients in our time of practice, and can say with all certainty that we are dedicated to preserving the rights and integrity of all of our local people. Our team of attorneys specialize in the following practice areas:

DUI / DWI Defense

DUI charges in the state of California can be serious, often times without proper legal representation they can be life-altering. Our team of Ventura area criminal defense lawyers have been representing the rights of our clients for a combined 5 plus decades. First, second, and third DUI defenses - we treat them all the same, with the proper preparation and attention that they deserve. Consequences can vary greatly depending on your charge and the manner in which it is handled. We have defended cases in Los Angeles and all of the surrounding communities and have the tools and resources you need to best defend yourself and your livelihood.

Theft Crimes

Our team of attorneys at the Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm have decades of experience defending and representing the rights of those accused of theft, whether it be anything from petty theft to grand theft charges, we have seen and defended hundreds of theft related crime cases all across the greater Los Angeles area. No matter how straightforward or complex your theft crime situation may seem, it is important to seek legal guidance from an attorney who thoroughly knows theft related law. Be sure to consult or research multiple options before choosing just any attorney to defend you. We have years of experience to draw from and often times have resources our clients didn't even know were available to them before retaining our services. If you've been charged or accused of a theft crime in the Ventura or Los Angeles area contact our team of lawyers today.

Domestic Violence Cases

We understand that domestic disputes often always have two sides to the story. We also understand that during these times, emotions usually run high on both sides. That is where we come in. Our team of understanding, compassionate, and dedicated attorneys are here to help you navigate the ramifications of a domestic violence or assault case. Don't let your future or that of your family's hang in the balance because you let your emotions get in the way of seeking the necessary legal guidance. Your first call is always free of charge, speak with one of our attorneys, and get more information about your legal situation. We will never disclose your personal details or that of the conversation, and you will always leave with more knowledge or information about your case that you came into the call with. No obligations, hassle-free, and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys can be scheduled at (805) 381-3900 or via our website contact form below.

Drug Crime Charges

Drug crime convictions can hold serious weight in the state of California. If not handled properly, a drug charge can end up resulting in serious damages for you and your loved ones. Our lawyers have helped a plethora of CA residents deal with drug charges such as, drug possession, cultivation charges, possession of a controlled substance with intent of distribution, possession of drug paraphernalia, and much more... We understand local Los Angeles area criminal defense and have the experience to know what it takes to preserve your rights. We serve clients all across Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and are available every day of the week with an appointment. A confidential consultation with one of our attorneys can be scheduled at (805) 381-3900 or via our website contact form below and is free of charge. Get the information and representation that you deserve.