We've helped hundreds of California residents with misdemeanor and felony charges across the state including sex crimes, DUI / DWI defense, violent crimes, and more... Our team can help, and your first call is always free.

About The Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm

Choosing a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and want an expert team that you can trust?

If you have been charged with a crime in the Ventura or Los Angeles areas and need proper legal defense, look no further. Our team is armed with over 50 years combined experience fighting the local courts in any and all types of cases relating to but not limited to drug crimes, domestic violence disputes, DUI charges, sex crimes, robbery and theft cases, and much more. We have seen almost every type of criminal case imaginable, many of them even gaining high amounts of media coverage, both local and national. Our team doesn't mess around when it comes to preserving our client's rights and liberties. We help prepare your case to defend you in the face of the law. Come into the fight adequately armed.

We know that facing a misdemeanor or felony charge is serious business. It can take a tole on anyone no matter how strong. Let us help handle the family, financial, and legal responsibilities that come with your charge.

California residents have been seeking our counsel for decades for primarily one reason and that is, we win. To get to that point takes real work, the type of work that our team is both able and eager to do. Seeing our clients and fellow LA area residents find justice in the face of state law is what makes our legal team tick. Knowing that justice has been served or preserved makes all of the tireless hours of preparation and research and due-diligence worth it all.

Criminal charges are nothing to leave to chance. If not dealt with properly, even a misdemeanor can have some seriously adverse results on one's life. Jobs, families, and financial futures can hang in the balance when facing a criminal charge in Southern California. We offer free case evaluations and bring some of the best criminal representation in the state to the table when serving our clients.

We keep an open dialogue throughout all steps of your case to ensure you understand fully your rights and path of defense. In your initial case evaluation we will go over all aspects of your case to ensure no rock is left unturned that may help in your representation. The more you can be prepared, the better and that is where we come in. With decades of experiencing dealing in local Ventura County and Los Angeles County Courthouses, we know the ins-and-outs of local and state laws and factor every ounce of that into your defense.

If you'd like to learn more about our firm or team of attorneys, don't hesitate to contact us below to schedule your free initial consultation. We'll get you started in building a defense that you and your future can stand on. Give yourself a leg up and call us today at (805) 981-3900.