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If you've been convicted of a crime in the Los Angeles area, our team offers free initial consultations for all criminal related cases. If you have a legal issue that needs attention in or around Ventura County, CA, we are here to help you fight your case.


No matter the type of criminal charge you have been accused of, our legal team can help. We provide all of our clients the proper information and resources to be as prepared as possible to defend your rights. 


Our firm focuses on criminal defense law. If you have been arrested of a misdemeanor or felony crime in Southern California, contact our experienced team today for the best defense possible. 


We have helped hundreds of California residents get their life back after being accused or convicted of a crime in the LA area. Don't leave your future to chance, contact our team of attorneys to represent you today.

Ventura County Criminal Defense Law Firm

We understand California criminal law. Our dedicated team of attorneys have over 50 years combined experience in dealing with Southern California criminal law defense cases. We have helped hundreds of residents avoid life altering sentences and keep their rights intact.

Our legal staff at Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm has decades of experience navigating Los Angeles area criminal charge cases. During the course of our practice we have accumulated a successful reputation and awards and recognition to come with it. We attribute our morals, ethics, and ever persistent drive to stand for each and every one of our client's rights as the key determining factor for our years of success. If you have been charged of a crime in Ventura or Los Angeles counties, turn to the best local representation you can find. Call our team at (805) 981-3900 today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Preserving your rights is our expertise. Far too often have we seen decisions in our local courts go against the accused due to lack of proper legal representation. Don't let this happen to you. Our compassionate legal team will discuss with you all aspects of your case and what it will take to proceed and defend your rights like you deserve.

We have a main office location in Oxnard, but travel daily across all of Ventura and Los Angeles counties. If you are in Southern California and facing a misdemeanor or felony charge what are you waiting for? Consult one of our lawyers today. Whether you decide to retain our services or not moving forward, you will leave the free initial case evaluation with more information and resources than you started the call with.

Many criminal law cases can be mentally and emotionally taxing to deal with. Clarity of thought and even emotions are hard to come by in a time of distress facing a charge. Our team thoroughly prepares the details of your case in a manner than you can understand. All of our decisions come with the backing of over a combined 50 years of experience. We take on every case as if you were family, and treat you with the transparancy and respect that you deserve. Let us help defend your rights.

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The Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm has served hundreds of Southern Californians deal with criminal charges related but not limited to sex crimes, assault charges, DUI and DWI, drug crimes, weapon charges, Felony DUI cases, and much more... Don't leave your family, job, reputation, or financial future hang in the balance because your case wasn't well represented. We are here to HELP limit your consequences and retain your legal rights! Get the representation and compensation that you truly deserve.

Our main offices are conveniently located just 25 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles at, 300 E Esplanade Dr, Oxnard, CA 93036. We offer scheduled meetings on weekends and always have a free initial case evaluation. Se habla espanol, our attorneys are fluent in both English and Spanish.

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"After being charged with my 2nd DWI I thought my license and driving rights were gone forever... thankfully I was referred to the Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm team who helped me get off with extended community service, lessened fines, and a generous probation period... wow we cannot thank you enough!!" -Dale W.

"Thank you for making this painful process easier for both myself and my family. Knowing I won't have this charge hanging over myself and reputation has felt like the world off my shoulders. I have already recommended your services to a co-worker, thanks again." -Peter C.

"When you say you help defend your clients' rights, I can say FIRST HAND that is absolutely true. From start to finish your whole team was transparent and clear about what needed to happen in the defense of my case and you made me aware of rights I didn't even know we had. THANK YOU!" -Jonas V.

Contact Ventura Criminal Defense Law Firm at
(805) 981-3900 today.

Our firm's main office is located just 25 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles at, 300 E Esplanade Dr, Oxnard, CA 93036. We service all of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Our team also offers scheduled appointments on weekends.  Your initial consultation is always free, reach out today.